Made of teas from various origins blended with flowers, fruit pieces, citrus zest and aromas, tea blends are the “visit card” of the tea company, declaring the unmistakable company identity.
The tea blender is the master expert in the art of blending, which requires a perfect balance between creativity and knowledge of consumers' trends thus allowing for variations in tea leaf quality and differences from season to season to be smoothed out.
Blending tea is an art of the highest degree. Elements like time, altitude, humidity, soil and harvesting season help to make the characteristics of a tea. It takes years of apprenticeship but also great personal sensitivity to achieve the goal, maintaining consistency of the tea blend and satisfying the end consumer.
Basic scientific knowledge goes from the anatomy of our organoleptic system to the chemistry of tea and aromas. The tea blender knows the teas produced in many different countries and their seasonality, which ingredients are available, at which moment of the year and which taste they have.
To create flavoured teas, the blender must have depth knowledge of the flavours and the possible variations of each one.
Getting the tea blending know-how it’s an ongoing, never-ending process, which needs to be updated as new teas and aromas become available. The tea blender can be compared to a music composer, who creates unique melodies with different musical notes.