Gift box

Signore delle Camelie

Le Signore delle Camelie green celadon gift box

Gift box with a 40 grams tin and a golden s/steel infuser.

Le Signore delle Camelie gift box contains a tin of Marguerite green tea blend (40 grams) and a golden stainless steel infuser.

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€ 26.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Intensely Fruity, Floral Notes Of Jasmine
Color: Deep Golden Yellow
Flavour: Well-Balanced, Mild, Little Astringency

2,5 gr x 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 80°C. Infusion time 2/3 minutes

Green Tea (Japan, China), Rose Buds, Natural Flavours, Strawberry, Cornflower Petals, Flavours

The blend is part of the Signore delle Camelie collection, dedicated to women, their charm, their strength. The trait d'union is the white flower of the Camellia and its link with unforgettable muses, heroines, adventurers, who marked their own era, against the tide.

Goes well with any cake, but the perfect matching is with chocolate cookies and shortbread.