Tea, an universal and pleasant drink, is also a valuable ally for our daily well - being and we as a tea company are particularly sensitive to environmental and ethical issues.

However, an ecological transition is complex and takes place step by step with a careful planning.

La Via del Tè renews itself in the name of sustainability. A new installation of 123 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our company will produce an
lectricity saving of 61.2% of the estimated annual production and an annual emission of about 18.41 tonnes less CO2 into the environment. We are proud to be able to contribute to the growth and development of the use of renewable energy. Change, for a better world.

Our main target now is to limit the use of plastic as much as possible and to ensure that our containers and packaging are recyclable.

This is an ambitious goal, which we have been pursuing successfully for years. We have cut out plastic from our delivery packaging, replacing it with
recyclable FSC certified paper, for responsible forest management.

In addition, all our tea blends, infusions and herbal teas are created and blended in the Florence factory, limiting off - site packaging wherever it is possible: less road traffic and less pollution with the guarantee of a product expressing Italian excellence.


  • All our cases are made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard for responsible forestry management and are recyclable.
  • All our teabags are made of cotton or PLA - a material derived from corn and are naturally biodegradable, including cotton thread and tag.
  • Our 1 and 2 kg bags for bulk wholesale are made of recyclable material.
  • Our shopping bags are made of FSC paper and are fully recyclable, with an innovative textile imitation paper cord handle.
  • The bags for loose tea used in our shops are printed with water-based ink and recyclable in paper.
  • The aluminium tins and the cardboard boxes containing the tins are fully recyclable.
  • All our packagings are marked with the correct material and waste disposal instructions.

Discover the material composition of our packaging


Our metal tins are designed to have a second life:

  • Refill it with loose tea
  • Reuse it as container for other foods, just clean them with alcohol and leave them open until odourless
  • Reuse it as a cachepot for your plants
  • Reuse it as a candle holder
  • Reuse it as a desk container

Don't throw away the infused tea leaves or tea bags, reuse it:

  • As plant food
  • To give a natural "aged" effect to fabrics, lace, etc.
  • To eliminate unpleasant odours - tea is a natural deodorant
  • As a natural face tonic, lukewarm or cold
  • To make hair shiny after shampooing