Our history

La Via del Tè is the story of a family begun in September 1961 by Alfredo Carrai with his wife Lalla and carried on today with their children and grandchildren.

Alfredo, fascinated by the world of tea, accepted the challenge of introducing the culture of this drink at that time almost unknown in Italy. The desire to deepen the culture of tea leads him to make numerous trips in search of the rarest teas and the best teas harvested. Alfredo's first trips to China seem like pages of an adventure book.

After more than Sixty years, La Via de Tè is still a family business still animated by the same passion of its beginnings. From the import of the best harvests from the countries of origin to the creation of the blends and collections, carried out a balance between innovation and the love for details of the Florentine artisan tradition.

  • 1961

    Alfredo Carrai founds the company SNAKE TEA. They begin importing tea from Sri Lanka

  • 1965

    The company changes its name to SNAK

  • 1976

    Alfredo takes his first trip to China, begins to import tea and porcelain teaware

  • 1986

    Leonardo becomes the first of Alfredo and Lalla’s children to join the company

  • 1992

    The first Japanese imports arrive, introducing Matcha, Sencha and Gyokuro tea

  • 1996

    La Via del Tè is born with the launch of Classic, under the new brand name

  • 1997

    The first La Via del Tè monobrand store opens in Florence

  • 2004

    La Via del Tè launches Filtrofoglia, a full-leaf tea in a transparent, biodegradable bag

  • 2007

    The brand exports its first products abroad

  • 2012

    The oldest grandchildren enter the company, the Firenze collection launches

  • 2016

    The first store outside of Florence opens in Turin

  • 2018

    A new store in Milan is inaugurated in the Brera district

  • 2021

    La Via del Tè celebrates its 60th anniversary

  • 2022

    La Via del Tè introduced a tea grown and harvested in Italy on the Premosello plantation in Val d'Ossola. Assolo and Notturno, two Single Estate teas and the Aria and Sinfonia, two tea blends

  • 2024

    La Via del Tè opens its third boutique in Milan, in via della Spiga