Signore delle Camelie

Loose leaf green tea

100 grams tin

Kate sheppard was the most prominent exponent of the women’s rights movement in new zealand, the first country in the world to approve women's suffrage, way back in 1893. The flower symbol of the courageous heroine is the white camellia. To kate, we dedicate this blend of green tea from China and Japan with the sweet scent of flowers and strawberry.

Our commitment for sustainability


€ 19.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Fruity And Floral
Color: Dark Golden Yellow
Flavour: Well Balanced, Soft, Slightly Herbaceous Notes

2,5 gr x 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 80°C. Infusion time 2/3 minutes

Green Teas (Japan, China), Natural Flavour, Heather Flowers, Rose Buds, Mango, Flavour

The blend is part of Le Signore delle Camelie collection, dedicated to women, their charm, their strength. The link is The flower of Camelia and its link with unforgettable muses, heroines, adventurers who have marked their era, swimming against the tide.

Goes well with any cake, but the perfect matching is with chocolate cookies and shortbread.