Tote Bag Pastel Pink


With La Via del Tè camelia decor

With internal pocket. Dimension: 40x36,5 cm

The Camelia tote bag in cotton, with iconic camellia decor and gold La Via del Tè logo. 100% canvas cotton with internal pocket. Available in four different colors: natural, pastel pink, celadon green and forest green.

Our commitment for sustainability


€ 16.50

Materials: 100% cotton
Color: Pastel pink
Capacità: 40x36,5 cm

Tea comes from the processing of Camellia Sinensis, a plant that grows in countries with hot and humid climate. The gentle flower of this plant is the main character of the new pattern of our Camelia pattern. The bag can be washed a maximum of 2/3 times in a washing machine max 30 degrees (no dryer, no direct iron, usually we suggest not to wash them).