Loose leaf green tea

Leaf tea 50 grams bag

The sign of aquarius (january 21- february 19) is ruled by the planets uranus and saturn and belongs to the air signs along with libra and gemini. Those born under this sign are often mavericks, visionaries, rebels and selfless. For these intellectual and refined people, not likely to accept conventional solutions, a fragrant blend made up of green teas, papaya, cornflower and rosa moschata, with the light and intriguing fragrance of citrus and vanilla.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Delicate Of Citrus And Vanilla
Color: Yellow, Green Shades
Flavour: Refined, Slightly Vegetal, With A Long Finish Of Citrus And Vanilla

2,5 gr x 200 cc. of water at a temperature of 80°C Infusion time 2/3 minutes.

Green Teas (China, Japan), Papaya, Flavours, Rosa Moschata Petals, Cornflower Petals

La Via del Tè has developed a special tea blend for each Zodiac sign, reflecting each different personalities and favourite flavors. The perfect gift for anyone, including those who do not take the horoscope too seriously.

Goes marvelously with milk chocolate, Cheesecake.