Appuntamento Sul Ponte Vecchio


Loose leaf green tea

Leaf tea 50 grams bag

Green tea blend with sweet and fruity strawberry flavour, dedicated to the ponte vecchio, florence's symbol: the oldest bridge of the city and the only one saved by the bombings of world war ii, is maybe one of the most romantic bridges in italy, the destination of lovers all over the world.

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€ 6.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Sweet Of Strawberry, Fruity, Grassy Background Notes
Color: Golden Yellow
Flavour: Smooth, Full-Bodied, Slight Vanilla Notes

2,5 gr x 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 80°C. Infusion time 2/3 minutes.

Green Teas (China, Japan), Flavours, Pear, Rose Buds, Strawberry, Marigold Petals, Jasmine Flowers

A dutiful tribute to Florence and some of its priceless art treasures, La Via del Tè create six fragrant blends, the result of a real research on facts, personalities, food and legends of the Renaissance, symbol of the city.

Goes well with plain cookies, sponge cakes, shortbreads, almond cookies, amaretti, macaroon.