Benifuki Bio

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf black tea

Leaf tea 30 grams bag

It has a highly aromatic, mild and sweet character, with an aftertaste of cinnamon.

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€ 11.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Deep, Henna And Woody Notes
Color: Dark Copper
Flavour: Full Bodied, Strong, Fruity

2,5 gr x 200 cc, water 90° for 3/4 mins

Japanese Balck Tea

The name Benifuki means "red riches and honors" and the cultivar is a cross between the Benihomare cultivar of Camellia assamica and the Makura CD86 cultivar of Camellia sinensis, originating from Darjeeling, known throughout the world for its production of fine black teas. The leaf of this tea is flat, deep black color, and the cup has a really noteworthy aromatic complexity. The wood attack quickly gives way to notes of ripe fruit (Muscat grape, plum). The final note is sweet, slightly spicy with vanilla hints. Benifuki black tea has a velvety texture and quite long aftertaste.

Goes marvelously with savoury dishes, English style breakfast or brunch; try it with cookies, bread and jam.