Notturno, Italian Black Tea

The Italian Tea

Loose leaf black tea

Loose leaf tea in 20 grams bag

Like a Chopin nocturne, this black tea rich in top buds gives a sweet and round cup. A unique exclusive to La Via del Tè tea, traditionally handpicked in September in the Premosello tea garden near Lake Maggiore. Smooth, and rich, with hints of nuts and tobacco, it reflects the refinement of its origin. It is the result of the alchemy between the variety of the plant, nourished by the alpine water, the terroir and the talent of growers and tea makers. A handcrafted tea, solely picked by hand, selecting buds and leaves one by one. A limited production, a tea like no other.
Harvest August 2023.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Nuts, tobacco, wood
Color: Mahogany red
Flavour: Well balanced, malty, brisk

2,5 gr x 200 ml of water at 90°C/194°F. Infuse for 3 minutes.

Italian Black Tea

This amazing black tea is grown in Val d'Ossola, near the Lake Maggiore, in the Premosello tea garden, the second largest plantation in Europe after the Azzorre and the first one in Italy able to guarantee an appreciable and stable tea production. It has been plucked and processed on September and it expresses an intense and savoury cup. At Premosello no chemicals are used, neither to fertilise nor to protect the plants from pests or diseases; weeding is still done by hand and using the straw mulching technique. From harvesting, traditionally done by hand with selection of only the apical buds and the first two tender leaves underneath, to the still artisanal processing, all comes down to the skill and sensitivity to produce a completely natural tea with perfectly defined characteristics of body, fragrance, aroma and flavour.

Delicious with pies, eggs, chocolate mousse, shortbread cookies.