Oolong Tea

Oolong teas, also called Wu Long, are semi-oxidized. The term in Chinese means "Black Dragon". Oolong teas have long been cultivated in both mainland China and Taiwan In general, larger, mature leaves are picked, withered ( if possible under the sun),bruised, oxidized, fixed by heating to halt the oxidation process and then fired. The leaves can be allowed to oxidize between 10% to 80%., thus resulting in infinite aromas and flavours. In fact, the flavor profile of some oolongs may lean more toward a fresh green tea (less oxidized) and others toward a malty black tea (more oxidized). Well reputed as de-tox, digestive teas, they have fairly modest caffeine content. According to the type of infusion and oxidation grade, steep at an average temperature of 80°- 90°C.