Thailand Red Oolong

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf half-oxidized tea

Leaf tea 50 grams bag

A smooth and sweet tasting oolong

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€ 7.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Deep Dates, Figues, Raisin. Toasted Notes.
Color: Dark Golden Amber
Flavour: Soft, Sweety, Milky Cream, Nuts And Malt

3 gr x 200cc, of natural mineral water at 85°C for 2 minutes

Thailand Oolong Tea From Chiang Rai

A semi- oxidyzed tea coming from the area of Mount Doi Tung, a small mountain area also called "Little Switzerland", in northern Thailand. Tea is grown at an altitude of about 1400 meters by few farmers, using the JinZuan cultivar imported decades ago from Taiwan. The temperature at these altitude causes a slowly growth of tea bush, this ensuring a nice sweet and elegant bouquet. This unusual Oolong is characterized by an higher oxidation level than the Taiwanese Oolongs, so that you can discover in the cup some typical notes of the best Chinese black teas. The first two leaves and a bud are rolled into small and irregular dark balls and give an amber infusion and a sweet and harmonious taste with complex aromatic fruity notes, a freshly roasted background and a velvety texture. Following the oriental brewing style, multiple infusions can be repeated on the same leaves.

Goes marvelously with grilled dishes, fruits sweets, madeleines and pastry delicacies.