Matcha Shortbreads

Matcha- powdered green tea

Matcha Green Tea And Pine Kernels Shortbreads

Box of six pieces (100 grams)

Matcha and pine kernels shortbreads

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€ 9.90


MATCHA E PINOLI: flour, butter, sugar, yolk of egg, pine kernels 5%, Matcha tea 3% (green tea). Facts per 100g: Energy 2213 kJ/ 530 kcal, Fats 29 g of which saturated 19 g, Carbohydrate 58 g of which sugars 22 g, Fiber 2.9 g, Protein 7.7 g, Salt 0.02 g.
Keep away from light and heat, store in a cool dry place.

A great classic of Italian artisanal confectionery tradition - shortbreads - gets a new “Japanese touch” thanks to Matcha, which perfectly balances the sweetness of the main ingredients, adding colour, taste and unmistakable fragrance.