Matcha Izumi Bio

Organic Japanese powder green tea, produced by grinding only the buds and the first two leaves of a special cultivar of Camellia Sinensis, shaded for around 20 days before plucking. The special manufacturing process of includes steaming to stop any oxidation process. The result is a brilliant green powder with a very pronounced taste, traditionally used in Cha-no-yu ,the Japanese tea ceremony, but also as refine ingredient in drinks, cakes, ice cream and savouries. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidant compounds and caffeine, the Izumi grade is expecially suitable as food ingredient and cha no yu ceremony.

Aroma/Fragrance: Marine Hints, Grassy
Color: Deep Green
Flavour: Grassy At The Beginning, Marine Notes, Prolonged Sweet Aftertaste

1,5 g. to 150 cc. of water at a temperature of 70°/75°C. Use a large low cup and the bamboo whisk to froth the tea powder.

Matcha Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Excellent with almond paste sweetmeats and Japanese traditional sweets.