Matcha Izumi BIO

Matcha- powdered green tea

Organic Powdered Green Tea

30 grams tin

Prized powdered organic green tea from shaded plantations. It maintains all the chemical components of the tea leaves and is also excellent as a sophisticated and multi-faceted ingredient for sweet or savoury dishes, ice-creams, creams, biscuits and elegant sauces.

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€ 25.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Marine Hints, Grassy
Color: Deep Green
Flavour: Grassy At The Beginning, Marine Notes, Prolonged Sweet Aftertaste

1 g. to 80 ml of water at a temperature of 80°C. Use a large low cup and the bamboo whisk to froth the tea powder.

Matcha Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Organic Japanese powder green tea, produced by grinding only the buds and the first two leaves of a special cultivar of Camellia Sinensis, shaded for around 20 days before plucking. The special manufacturing process of includes steaming to stop any oxidation process. The result is a brilliant green powder with a very pronounced taste, traditionally used in Cha-no-yu ,the Japanese tea ceremony, but also as refine ingredient in drinks, cakes, ice cream and savouries. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidant compounds and caffeine, the Izumi grade is expecially suitable as food ingredient and cha no yu ceremony.

Excellent with almond paste sweetmeats and Japanese traditional sweets.