King Of Pu Erh

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf post-fermented tea

Leaf tea 35 grams bag

Unique among teas, chinese pu erh undergoes a process that leading him to a microbial fermentation.

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€ 8.30

Aroma/Fragrance: Unique Of Woody, Earth, Animal, Musk.
Color: Deep Chestnut, Almost Coffee
Flavour: Velvety Texture And Thickness With A Surprising Sweetness, With Light Notes Of Wood And Licorice

2/3 gr x 200 cc. mineral water at a temperature of 90°C. Infusion time 4-5 minutes. Excellent prepared by the method Gongfu, or using the Gaiwan, the traditional china cup with a lid.

Chinese Post-Fermented Tea

It originates in the region of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan. It is sold both as loose in leaves and pressed. Both types can belong to the type Sheng( "raw" or green) or to the Shou type( "cooked" or black) according to the methodology used. Usually the first type is intended to be consumed only after an appropriate aging or maturation that can last several years, and after a natural process of fermentation, while the second is intended to be consumed soon after the production. Large leaves are harvested from shrubs of an ancient variety Camellia Sinensis plant. This tea is highly reputed in China for its mediCinal properties, some of which, such as helping to reduce the so-called bad cholesterol LDL were investigated by Western medicinetoo. It's the only tea that is traditionally left to aging, a bit like certain cheeses or meats, in humidity - controlled environments, to enhance the characteristics of aroma and sweetness. Some pressed Pu Erh, expecially in China and America, 30-40 years old, reach really remarkable price. King of Pu Erh is a loose-leaf quality, clearly visible the buds, with all the mellow, earthy and woody qualities of best Pu Erh.

Goes marvelously with mature cheeses, meat stews, pâtés. Comparable with a Sauternes, among the wines.