Ajiro teapot


Cast iron

Japanese cast iron teapot with stainless steel infuser (800 cc). Foundries: oigen

A masterpiece of the art of Japanese cast iron: the motif of camellia flowers is inspired by traditional kimono fabrics and is enhanced by the black colour satin finish.

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€ 259.00

Materials: Cast iron
Color: Black
Capacità: 800 cc

The teapot, internally enamelled and fitted with a stainless steel filter, it is perfect for preparing 6-8 cups of tea.The cast iron teapots are traditionally known in Japan as Tetsubin. It is not known exactly when the cast-iron teapots appeared in Japan, but their use is probably linked to the affirmation of the leaf tea made by infusion in contrast to the powdered tea used in the traditional tea ceremony, codified at the end of 1500. Soon, from being a mere domestic object, the Tetsubin became a real status symbol, with ever more elaborate designs in relief. One of the prefectures most renowned for cast iron teapots is Iwate, where the manufacture of cast iron is passed down from generation to generation. Cast iron is the product of the melting of iron poured into moulds and the process is completely hand craft. Almost all steps - from design, to mould, stain, are made by hand - to create a refined long-lasting object.