Green Kukicha Bio

Mélange of leaves and small twigs,resulting from "Aracha" raw material used to manufacture best Sencha on Spring, between April and May. Very low caffeine makes this tea a perfect after dinner. Kukicha tea originates from an old, humble tradition: the best leaves were destined to rich people and the farmer used only the coarse leaves and the plant pruning result. Very popular in the roasted version too, it is one of the tea recommended in the macrobiotic diet, rich in amino acids and saponins. We suggest multiple infusions on the same leaves, according to Japanese tradition, with significantly shorter infusion times until the aroma fades.

Aroma/Fragrance: Vegetal, Woody Notes, Nuts
Color: Light Yellow Green
Flavour: Sapid And Sweet, Very Little Astringency, Nutty, Buttery Aftertaste

3 gr x 200cc, traditionally water temperature is 70°C , infuse for 1,5 minutes

Japanese Green Tea

Perfect with creamy dessert, rice cakes, dried fruit, fondants and delicacies. You can match it with cruditès, fish, and it's a great afterdinner tea.