Gyokuro Takumi Bio

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf green tea

Leaf tea 20 grams bag

Excellent first crop sencha, with a fresh and gentle scent, sweet and velvety taste rich in vegetable, delicate nuances.

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€ 10.30

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, Watercress, Marine Notes, Seaweed
Color: Yellow Green, Pale, Slightly Cloudy
Flavour: Full-Bodied, Vegetal, Seaweed, Velvety

Water temperature varies according to quality and grade. Generally, use soft water at a temperature between 70° and 75° , 2 grams X person, 120" infusion time.

Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro is often translated as "Precious Dew" or "Jade Dew" referring to its deep green colour. Only the most tender buds and two leaves under are harvested on Spring beginning. The crops are shaded with mats 20-30 days before plucking. Traditionally prepared in the kyusu or small porcelain teapot, with repeated infusion. Dry leaf appearance: small greenish needle shaped leaves, with a flowery odor. Infused leaves odor is much more of watercress. Very rich in anti oxidants it also contain an high ratio of L-Thaenine, the aminoacid wich provides a unique umami (brothy or savory) taste and flavor to green tea infusion and may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing. Takumi means “made from an artisan”, this tea is hand made by tea master from Yame, Fukuoka.

Seafood, sushi, sashimi, almond cookies, white chocolate, fresh fruits. Try the infused leaves in a salad.