grandi origini - White tea
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Yin Zhen

50 gr. Tin

Chinese white tea Yin Zhen or, literally, “Silver Needles” is one of the rarest and most precious tea in the world. Produced in Fujian in a very limited area, it consists of the only perfect early spring buds, still covered with a white downy hairs. Once beverage solely suitable to Emperors (whose symbol was the Phoenix, the legendary bird that is cyclically reborn) gives a clear and mellow infusion with flowery aroma and long lasting sugary aftertaste.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Fruity, Floral
Color: Clear straw yellow
Flavour: Velvety, with Lengthy Persistent Sweetness

2,5 gr. each 200 cc. of water at a temperature of 75/80°C. Infusion time: 4/5 minutes.

White tea (China).

Exceptionally delicate, it goes well with fresh cheeses or milky desserts.