Mozambico Monte Metilile OP1

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf black tea

Leaf tea 30 grams bag

Black tea specialty from Mozambique - a real insider tip. Characterized by a finely wiry, dark, long and well-made whole leaf tea with some silvery tips. Amber colored liquor with a pleasant malty scent and a long sweet aftertaste.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Fruity, Sugar and Toast Background Notes
Color: Dark Red
Flavour: Smooth, Sweet, Persistent

2,5 gr per 200 cc. of water at a temperature of 90°C. Leave in infusion for 3/4 minutes

Black tea (Mozambico)

Mozambique was the second largest producer of tea in Africa until the 1960s when Malawi production overtook Mozambique and thereafter Mozambique lapsed into a long running civil war which laid waste to the tea industry and infrastructure. Since the end of the civil war some production resumed on a smaller scale with renovation of gardens and factories. This black tea is cultivated at the Monte Metilile Estate on the lower slopes of Mount Namuli, yielding a velvety smooth, dark amber liquor that is rich and full-bodied. A warm toasty aroma and dark sugar sweetness contribute to a satisfying cup with a substantial mouth feel and lingering finish.

Perfect with rice, vegetables and steamed fish, or melon