Jasmine Yin Hao

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Chinese loose leaf green tea

Leaf tea 40 grams bag

Fragrant Chinese jasmine green tea of superior quality, rich in apical buds. The term Yin Hao in fact refers to the silvery buds, the most valuable part of the tea bush. Organically grown, it comes from a spring crop and the tea is processed following the traditional techniques used for scented teas. The green tea, produced in spring from a particular cultivar with extremely permeable leaves, is kept refrigerated until the jasmine blossoming in summer and then blended several times with the flowers. The floral aroma is intense and the taste is smooth, full-bodied and sweet.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Intense, floral, sweet
Color: Golden yellow
Flavour: Smooth, sweet, longlasting flowery aroma

2/3 grams x 200 ccs of hot water at 75°/80°C. Leave it for 2/3 minutes.

Green tea (China)

It is believed that Jasmine plant has been introduced in China from eastern South Asia via India during the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), but being used to scent tea only around the fifth century. However, jasmine tea did not become widespread until the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912 AD), when tea started to be exported in large quantities to the West.

It goes well with asiago cheese, fish and seafood, spicy dishes, coconut desserts, apple cakes, carrot cakes