Jasmine Dragon Phoenix

The production is made in Yunnan Province. The leaves absorb the fragrance of fresh flowers which are then removed. This step is then repeated until a perfect result. It is truly a king among the jasmine teas, both for the great size and perfection of the buds, the sweet and gentle fragrance and the persistence of the aftertaste.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, Pungent, Flowery
Color: Gold Yellow
Flavour: Sweetish, Gentle Hints Of Chestnut And Lingering Aftertaste Of Jasmine

2,5 gr X 200 cc. mineral water at a temperature of 75/80 ° C. Infusion time 3 minutes.

Chinese Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers 0,3%

Goes well with spicy foods, fish, rice, Chinese food, but even with delicate sweet puddings.

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