Darjeeling Tgfop


Loose leaf black tea

Box of 20 gourmet cotton teabags. Bag, string, tag: fully biodegradable

Solely hand plucked it is regarded as the “champagne” among black teas. Darjeeling comes from the homonymous region in west bengal, India, at the himalayan foothills. Literally meaning “land of the thunderbolts”, legends say to be originated from the scepter of indra, god of rain. The letters tgfop state a top grade with apical buds, the most prized part of the tea plant. The infusion is slightly astringent with rich aroma of spices and muscatel grapes.

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€ 10.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Wooden And Spicy Notes
Color: Dark Amber
Flavour: Decisive, Slightly Astringent, Hints Of Muscatel And Spices

1 tea bag x 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 90°C. Infusion time 2/3 minute

Black Tea (India)

The Colonial collection, with mod and elegant packaging, offers whole leaf classic teas, most popular tea flavoured blends, herbs and herbal teas in tins, resealable bags and handsewn cotton teabags.

Goes very well with spicy dishes (curry, Indian cuisine) and with savoury dishes in general. Among desserts it is perfect for creams and custards.