Very Christmas

Christmas blends

Loose leaf green tea

100 grams tin

An evocative blend of Chinese and Japanese green teas with the rich aroma of tangerine will keep the Christmas spirit alive every day. This blend is aromatic and mouth-watering, thanks to the sweet tones of vanilla and honey and enriched by multi-coloured petals and red currant berries. It is the perfect festive drink. Made of teas from various origins blended with flowers, fruit pieces, citrus zest and aromas, tea blends are the “visit card” of the tea company, declaring the unmistakable company identity. The tea blender is the master expert in the art of blending, which requires a perfect balance between creativity and knowledge of consumers' trends thus allowing for variations in tea leaf quality and differences from season to season to be smoothed out.

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€ 19.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Citrusy, sweet, strong, light grassy notes
Color: Dark golden yellow
Flavour: Strong, round, citrusy

2/3 grams x 200 ccs of hot water at 80°C. Leave it for 2/3 minutes.

Green tea (China,Japan), orange peel, flavours, redcurrant berries, natural flavour, cornflower petals

All the elements of tradition are found in the Christmas Tea line of La Via del Tè: snow crystals, the scent of sweets, candied fruit and spices... A pinch of magic: it's Christmas time!

It goes well with holiday cakes and cookies, almond biscuits, mince pie, christmas pudding