Sencha Asagiri Bio

Grand Cru selection

Loose leaf green tea

Leaf tea 20 grams bag

Excellent first crop sencha, with a fresh and gentle scent, sweet and velvety taste rich in vegetable, delicate nuances.

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€ 3.70

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, Vegetal, Of Flowery Meadows.
Color: Pale Green, Fluorescent
Flavour: Vegetal, Iodized Notes, Velvety, Round, Soft

Water temperature varies in Japan according to the quality of Sencha. Generally speaking: 2-3 grams X 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at 70/75°C, infusion time is approx. 2 minutes infusion.

Japanese Green Tea

Sencha is the most drunk green tea in Japan, grown in sunlight and harvested at 90% on beginning of May. It is a tea rich in catechins (anti-oxidants compounds) and considered an healthy beverage. The name Sencha means literally "roasted tea", honouring the old Chinese green tea manufacturing tecniques,but the inhibition of oxidation in tea leaves is done nowadays by steaming. In Japan, the first Sencha is called Shi-cha, NEW TEA, and it is highly prized by tea conosseurs.

Perfect with almond cookies, with fresh fruit, but goes well with Japanese cooking, sushi, sashimi, or simple Carpacci of raw fish.

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