Rooibos Green

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Rooibos Green

Leaf tea 50 grams bag

Excellent first crop sencha, with a fresh and gentle scent, sweet and velvety taste rich in vegetable, delicate nuances.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Fresh, Herbal
Color: Amber Yellow
Flavour: Delicate, Notes Of Malt And Citrus

2,5 gr x 200 cc. mineral water at a temperature of 90°C. Infusion time 5/6 minutes.

Sud African Rooibos

In the processing of green rooibos the leaves of Asphalatus Linearis are dried and the oxidation process is blocked by heat, keeping the antioxidant and mineral content intact. This technique is inspired by the one used to make the 'normal' green tea that is made from Camellia Sinensis.