rooibos - Rooibos
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Rooibos Belle Epoque

40 grams bag

Colourful blends of Rooibos, flowers, strawberry pieces, redcurrants and elderberries with the strong fragrance of pomegranate, red fruits and peach.

Rooibos, with its pleasant naturally sweet taste is a caffeine-free drink suitable for the whole family.

Aroma/Fragrance: Rich aroma of pomegranate and red fruits ;light, woody and mellow background notes typical of Rooibos.
Color: Dull red
Flavour: Soft, sweetish, slightly woody notes.

3 gr. X 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 90°. Infusion time 5 minutes.

Rooibos,freeze dried wild strawberry, elderberries, orange rind, redcurrants,marigold flowers, flavours, wild strawberry natural flowers.

Cookies, shortbreads, fruit tarts and cakes.