Grand Cru selection - Green tea
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Whole - leaf tea

20 grams bag

One among the oldest and finest Chinese tea, a genuine treasure of the Chinese tradition.

It seems to have been Emperor K'Hang Hsi of the Manchu dynasty, who lived in the 1700s, to elevate the rank of tea to "prestigious", and to award the name that is commonly translated as Jade Spring Spirals. This tea has an unparalleled and intense aroma and grows only on two of the mountains surrounding the Lake Taihu in the province of Jiangsu. It is currently produced in Zhejiang too, but the best is considered the original one from Jiangsu Province. The lake's water evaporating surrounds the two peaks of a persistent mist. Peach trees, plum and apricot are often cultivated near the tea bushes and this seems to give unique characteristics to its aroma. The harvest is on Springtime - between 20 March and early April: only end bud and two leaves not yet fully open, called "tongues of sparrows" are plucked. This tea is handcrafted by skilled artisans that cover all stages of the process - stabilization, rolling, drying in the traditional woks, with a gradual lowering of the temperature and humidity while giving to the downy buds and leaves the characteristic spiraling shape.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, fresh, flowery, animal
Color: Pale yellow, golden reflexes
Flavour: Smooth, long lasting aftertaste and notes of boiled chestnuts.

2/3 gr. X 200 cc. of mineral water at a temperature of 75/80 °C. Infusion time 4 minutes.

Chinese green tea

Delicate savory dishes, seasonal salad, tidbits of cream cheese with herbs