Grand Cru selection - white tea
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Papua Nuova Guinea Silver Tips Minjigina

20 grams bag

Soft, enveloping, floral notes.

Ultra-limited production - only 20 kilos per year - for this exceptional white tea, made up of only apical buds. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) tea is grown mainly in the Western Highlands province, in the Waghy Valley, between 1200m and 1950m altitude, in an area where the average annual rainfall is around 2500mm. Only 4 gardens produce tea in appreciable quantities. Tea in Papua New Guinea was established as an experimental crop in a government-owned plantation in Garaina, in the province of Morobe, in 1950 and cultivation a little more intensive began in the late 60s. A soft, enveloping white tea with floral notes.

Aroma/Fragrance: Floral and vegetal, light honey notes
Color: Yellow
Flavour: Soft, round, roasted chestnuts notes. Velvet and persistent taste.

3 grams x 200cc, water 75/80° for 5/6 mins

Papua Nuova Guinea Western Highlands

Better to drink it alone. You can match it with creamy milk dessert.