Notti in Tibet infusion

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Fruit infusion

Loose fruit infusion in 40 grams bag

In Notti in Tibet, Karkadè joins rosehip berries, orange rinds, apple bites, papaya bites, elderberry, cinnamon, almond, candy sugar crystals and a sweet, spicy flavour.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Intense, sweet aroma of almond and citrus and spices, on the background of the slightly tangy aroma of karkadè
Color: Bright red
Flavour: Fruity, fullbodied, slightly sharp

3/4 grams x 200 ccs of hot water at 90°C. Leave it for 5/6 minutes.

Hibiscus, rosehip, candy brown sugar crystals 15%, orange peel, apple, papaya, natural flavour, elderberry, cinnamon, almond sticks Fruit tea (15% added sugars). Average nutritional values per 100 ml of ready product: Energy 255 kJ-60 kcal, Total fat 0 g,

Fruit infusions mainly consist of karkadè (hibiscus flower) and rosehip berries with dried fruits, citrus peel, flowers, spices and flavours according to the creativity of the Tea Blender. Caffeine-free and suitable for all the family, Fruit infusions are diuretic and digestive. Refreshing in summer and corroborating in winter.

It goes well with any cake, perfect with fruit cakes or tarts, almond cookies, marzipan