Matcha Set N.2


Matcha Set N.2

Matcha tea set

Matcha tea set: chawan (350 cc) chasen, chashaku

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€ 84.90

Materials: Stoneware
Color: Green
Capacità: 350 cc

A perfect tasting set to approach Matcha tea, the green tea traditionally drunk in the Japanese tea ceremony, the famous Cha-no-yu. The ceremony is based on four main principles: Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility. It was codified by Senno Rikyu, died in 1595, as a ritual of great charme, a true tea meditation. Matcha tea is finely powdered green tea coming from shaded plantations: tea is simply whisked with water in the large stoneware cup (chawan) with the whisk, or chasen, to obtain what is called "froth of jade". The whisk and the measuring spoon are made of bamboo, hand carved by skilled craftsmen. The large cup is a beautiful example of traditional Japanese pottery.