Lucky Rose

Grand Cru selection

Lucky Rose tea flower

3 tea flower in 20 grams bag

White tea tips and a tiny rose: poetry becoming tea.

Our commitment for sustainability


€ 7.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Complex, Vegetable, Flowery Delicate.
Color: Deep Yellow With Amber Reflections
Flavour: Flowery Notes, Delicate And Persistent

1 piece each 400 cc. of natural mineral water at 80/ 90°C. Infusion time is up to 5-6 min, or unless the tea leaves open. A second infusion is possible.

Green Tea With A Rose Bud

The shape of this little masterpiece is a rosette with a tiny red rose bud. It consists of a double ring of only apical buds, long and perfect, and once infused yelds a smooth, soft, delicate and flowery brew.

Goes well with steamed vegetable and salads.