Kiku set of bowls


Japanese stoneware

Set of 5 stoneware cups, in wooden gift box

A precious gift for all tea lovers, this beautiful set of 5 stoneware cups, made in Japan, is an exquisite example of traditional ceramic techniques.

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€ 72.90

Materials: Stoneware
Color: Multicolor
Capacità: Each cup: 110 ccs

Produced in Gifu prefecture, one of the leading areas in Japan for ceramics production, the cups are in 5 different colours and 5 different finishings, each one inspired by ceramic techniques of celebrated kilns and masters. Simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of Japanese ceramics and different shades of colour are obtained with oxides and wood ashes. A curiosity: contrary to western custom, where the tea sets consist of an even number of cups (2,4,6,8 etc.), in the East they are used odd quantities, considered auspicious. Among the very lucky numbers is number 5, with reference to the theory of the 5 elements.