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Jasmine Silver Needle BIO

15 grams bag

Green tea scented with fresh jasmine flowers, picked at dawn when they have the most of their perfumes.

Stunning "white tea" scented with fresh jasmine flowers, very similar to Bai hao Yin Zehn, the famous "silver needle" tea. A king among jasmine teas, for the beauty of the white apical buds, the sweet and gentle scent and the aftertaste persistence. The basic green tea, called Zao Pei, is made at the beginning of spring, stored and blended several times with jasmine flowers at the time of their flowering during summer.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, flowery and sweet of jasmine.
Color: Straw yellow
Flavour: Sweet, soft, round, slightly grassy, strong and longlasting aftertaste of Jasmine and honey. Vegetal and cocoa notes.

Gr 2/3 gr. in 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 80° temprature. Infusion time is 2 up to 3 minutes.

Green tea, jasmine flowers 0,5%

With Chinese cooking, chicken meat, but it goes well with milk dessert and custard.