Colonial - Fruit & herbal teas
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Purity Herbal Tea in filters

Box X 20 cotton tea bags Cotton filter + Cotton Wire + Trasparent overwrap - BIODEGRADABLE

Blend of herbs well known for the cleansing properties.

Filtrofoglia cotton teabag, hand-stitched and inserted in the stay-fresh overwrap combines the convenience of single-dose with the quality of whole leaf herbs and teas.

Aroma/Fragrance: Citrousy, fresh
Color: Deep yellow, greenish hues
Flavour: Pleasant, the slightly acidity well balanced by lemony taste.

1 tea bag each 150-200 cc. of water at a temperature of 90°C. Infusion time: 5 minutes.

Lemon balm, verbena, sage, lemon grass, lemon rind, red currant fruits, marigold petals, natural flavor.

Confectionery, fruit tarts, cakes