Gift box

I Profumi del tè

I Profumi del Tè tiffany white gift box

Gift box of 30 gourmet tea bags, a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Pla filter (made of corn), cotton wire and tag are fully biodegradable

The aroma of flowers, citrus and fruit blends the natural fragrance of tea for a perfect sensory journey. The teas presented in this package are: romeo e giulietta, a romantic blend of green teas, fruit and flowers; marrakech mint tea, a tribute to the traditional blend of green tea and mint of morocco; fior di zagara, a blend of black tea, with a sweet pungent fragrance of citrus fruits; earl grey imperial, black tea with bergamot oil from calabria; Bancha fiorito, a blend of green tea and jasmine flowers; rosa d'inverno, a mild blend of black and green tea with the scent of rose and ripe fruit. A fresh and colorful gourmet tea bags gift box, perfect for lovers of fragrant tea blends.

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€ 39.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Flavoured blends
Color: White
Flavour: -

1 filter x 200 ccs of water at 80°C for green teas and 90°C for black teas

Romeo e Giulietta: Green Teas (China, Japan), Papaya, Rose Petals, Strawberry, Natural Flavour, Flavours
Rosa D'Inverno: Black Tea (China), Green Tea (Japan), Flavours, Rose Buds, Sunflower Petals
Earl Grey Imperiale: Black Tea (India), Flavour, Natural Flavour
Bancha Fiorito: Green Teas (China, Japan), Flavour, Jasmine Flowers
Marrakech Mint Tea: Green Tea (China), Spearmint Leaves 2%, Natural Flavour
Fior Di Zagara: Black Tea (China), Orange Rind, Natural Flavours, Orange Flowers

The line I Profumi del tè plays with the evocative and colourful packaging in an ideal sensory journey. Six blends carefully studied by La Via del Tè to combine the natural fragrance of the tea base to the typical Mediterranean scents.