Gift Box

Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee in ivory gift box

Gift box with 12 transparent gourmet tea bags. Bag, string, tag: fully biodegradable

The teas presented in the gift box are: 1961 a tea blend of sri lankan and Indian black teas with fruity, citrusy flavour and 2011, blend of three famous green tea, special gunpowder, chun mee and king of jasmine, with sweet, strong aroma of strawberry and summer fruits, evokings the new tea trends.

Our commitment for sustainability


€ 21.50

Aroma/Fragrance: Flavoured blends
Color: Ivory
Flavour: -

1 tea bag for 200 ccs of water at 80°C for the green tea and 90°C for the black tea. Leave it for 3 minutes.

Miscela 1961: Black Teas (Sri Lanka, India), Orange Peel, Flavours, Raspberry, Marigold Petals
Miscela 2011: Green Teas (China), Pineapple, Flavours, Rose Petals, Heather Flowers

Two outstanding tea blends, one with green teas and the other with black teas, celebrate the 50th anniversary of La Via del Tè, with elegant and refined packaging perfectly balanced between tradition and innovation.