Gift box


Firenze green gift box

Gift box with 12 transparent gourmet tea bags. Bag, string, tag: fully biodegradable

Six different fragrant blends dedicated to the artistic treasures of the city in practical single-dose filters. The blends are: La Leggenda di Boboli, Il Segreto dei Medici, Santa Maria del Fiore, Appuntamento sul Ponte Vecchio, Il Mistero della Venere and Il Sogno di Michelangelo.

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€ 22.70

Aroma/Fragrance: Flavoured blends
Color: Green
Flavour: Six special flavours dedicated to our city, Florence

1 tea bag for 200 ccs of water at 80°C for green teas and 90°C for black teas. Leave it for 3 minutes.

La Leggenda Di Boboli: Indian Black Tea, Black Tea, Flavours, Orange Rind, Orange Flower, Lavander
Il Segreto Dei Medici: Green Tea (China), Flavours, Mallow Flowers, Rose Buds, White Tea
Santa Maria Del Fiore: Black Teas (China, Kenya), Natural Flavours, Flavours, Heather Flowers, Rose Petals, Redcurrants, Sunflowers Petals Il Mistero della Venere: Black Teas (India, Sri Lanka), Natural Flavour, Apple, Almonds, Fig Pieces, Rosa Petals, Flavours, Marigold Petals Il Sogno di Michelangelo: Half-Oxidized Tea (China), Raisin, Flavours, Pine Kernels, Cornflower Petals, Sunflower Petals, Safflower Petals
Appuntamento sul Ponte Vecchio: Green Teas (China, Japan), Flavours, Pear, Rose Buds, Strawberry, Marigold Petals

A dutiful tribute to Florence and some of its priceless art treasures, La Via del Tè create six fragrant blends, the result of a real research on facts, personalities, food and legends of the Renaissance, symbol of the city.