Gift box

grandi origini

Le Grandi Origini gold gift box

Gift box with 4 tea tins (110 grams in total)

The packaging, embellished with gold details, holds four tins. Each tin contains mono-origin leaf tea. The teas inside are: Lung Ching (Chinese green tea); Darjeeling TGFOP (Indian black tea); Sencha (Japanese green tea); Orange Pekoe OP1 (black tea from Sri Lanka).

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€ 39.90

Aroma/Fragrance: Mono-origin leaf tea
Color: Gold details
Flavour: -

Lung Ching: Green Tea (China).
Darjeeling Tgfop: Black Tea (India).
Sencha: Green Tea (Japan).
Orange Pekoe Op1: Black Tea (Ceylon)

A journey to discover the quality and unique taste of single-origin loose leaf teas. 12 classics selected from the best crops of four top producing countries: China, India, Ceylon and Japan. Twelve symbols, twelve stories, twelve absolute “lords” among teas.