Genmaicha Matcha BIO

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Genmaicha Matcha BIO

40 grams bag

An excellent Genmaicha, with Sencha green tea and toasted rice, enriched with the intense flavor of Matcha powdered tea. Pleasantly herbaceous, rich in anti-oxidants.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Deep, vegetal, marine and tosted
Color: Light green, milky color.
Flavour: Lighltly herbaceous, with roasted and nutty notes, lightly sweet after taste.

3 grams x 200 cc, water 80° for 1-2 mins

Japanese green tea

Genmaicha (Genmai = rice, Cha = tea), rich in anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, with all the benefits of green tea, joins Matcha, well known as "super food" and ally of well-being.The result is a rich and savory, velvety and refreshing drink. Following the oriental brewing method, up to 3 infusions can be done, with significantly shorter infusion times until the aroma fades.