Earl Grey Imperiale Panettone

Christmas blends

Artisan Earl Grey Imperiale, chocolate and candied bergamot and orange Panettone

Weight: 1 kg

The artisanal panettone with Earl Grey Imperiale tea, dark chocolate chips and candied orange and bergamot peel is the new exclusive recipe for Christmas. This fluffy panettone reinterprets the classic cake of Italian tradition, presenting a unique combination of flavours: the distinctive citrusy bergamot aroma of Earl Grey Imperiale black tea marries the chocolate and joins the sweetness of candied orange and bergamot.

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Aroma/Fragrance: Sweet of Bourbon vanilla, fruity and fresh of orange peel, warm and rich of chocolate, penetrating of bergamot tea.
Color: Night blue
Flavour: Sweet

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, candied orange peels 15% (orange peels, glucose syrup, sugar), BUTTER, fresh EGG yolk free-range, chocolate drops (cocoa min. 62%, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring), water, ca

Made following our exclusive recipe by a family- run artisan company of outstanding excellence and prepared with the finest ingredients: fresh eggs, brown sugar, honey and natural leaven from mother dough, guaranteeing a light and fragrant cake.