Christmas blends - flavoured blends
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Christmas Teas Gift Box

6 x 240gr tins

The Christmas blends, in the special gift box with precious golden details in tea tins: a unique present to discover the 6 flavours of Christmas teas collection.

All the elements of tradition are found in the Christmas Tea line of La Via del Tè: snow crystals, the scent of sweets, candied fruit and spices... A pinch of magic: it's Christmas!

Color: Golden

Christmas Chocolate: hibiscus, roasted cacao peels, rosehip, orangen rind, cinnamon, natural flavours, chocolate flavour 1,5%,flavour,cornflower petals. Christmas in Love: rose hip, passion flower, verbena, hawthorn, lemon rind, ginger root, apple, cinnamon, natural flavours, safflower petals. Racconto di Natale: indian black tea, apple, cinnamon, cloves, flavours, coriander, strawberry, marigold petals. Green Christmas: bancha green tea, apple, orange rind, flavours, safflower, cardamom, sunflower petals, American pepper. Orange Christmas: rooibos (South Africa), hibiscus tea, apple pieces, flavours, orange rind, cinnamon, sunflower petals. White Christmas: Chinese black tea, sugar crystals, raisin, orange rind, flavours, almond, heather, yellow rose buds.