Buy a Gift Card


The GIFT CARD has 1 year validity from the activation.

The GIFT CARD is valid ONLY for online purchases on, it cannot be used in La Via del Tè shops.

The invoice of the GIFT CARD cannot be requested.

You can buy one or more GIFT CARDs of the same amount, but you cannot buy GIFT CARDs of different amounts in the same order. To purchase GIFT CARDs of different amounts, you need to order them separately.

If you purchase multiple GIFT CARDs of the same amount, it is NOT possible to enter more than one recipient.
(In this case, we suggest that you indicate your data as recipient and personally send the GIFT CARDs separately).

The purchase of the GIFT CARD is an order on its own, not combinable with other products of the online shop (tea, accessories, delicacies) and vice versa.


  1. Choose the amount of the GIFT CARD

  2. Enter the name of the person to whom you want to gift the GIFT CARD, the e-mail address to which the GIFT CARD will be sent with its activation code, a message or a personalized dedication.
    Once your order has been processed, we will send the GIFT CARD to the recipient you have indicated.

    PLEASE NOTE: under "GIFT CARD RECIPIENT'S E-MAIL" choose whether to enter the gift recipient's e-mail or your personal e-mail in case you personally send the GIFT CARD.

  3. After entering the data of the GIFT CARD, click on "buy the GIFT CARD" and proceed to payment.

    PLEASE NOTE - The invoice of the GIFT CARD product cannot be requested.

  4. PLEASE NOTE - The invoice of the GIFT CARD product cannot be requested.

    PLEASE NOTE: if at the time of purchase you have entered your address as recipient, you will receive both e-mails.