Special edition - flavoured blends
€ 12.50


That's Amore!

Leaf tea in 90 gr. canister

Romantic blend combining black and green tea with grape and straberry flavor. The perfect tea for people in love.

Our commitment for sustainability

The new trend is to looking for a special and alternative gift. We offer you That's Amore! Irresistible fruity blend based on black and green teas.

Aroma/Fragrance: Fruity hints of grape and strawberry
Color: Deep orange
Flavour: Sweet, soft blend, no astringency, long lasting fruity aftertaste

Gr 2/3 each 200 cc. of bottled mineral water. Water temperature: 85°/90° C .Infusion time : 2- 3 minutes.

Chinese black tea, green tea, natural flavours 3,5%, raisin 3%, yellow rose buds 1,5%, flavours

Cookies, fruit cakes, chocolate cakes